AuntyFlow "is one of those women you meet, and automatically know she is magic. Her natural ability to instill trust and kindness is unparalleled, She is able to casually insert sage advice into conversations - I always leave feeling Supported and Loved." - Ann S.

"Aunty Flow literally saved my life. At my lowest of points, she was referred to me by a friend and gave me hope when all I could see was darkness, pain and sorrow. I hit rock bottom and she masterfully gave me tools to get me to a place of peace and freedom - while at the same time being a cool ass chick. Her vibe is absolutely incredible and now looking back, I can say she really has made me love who I am so much more than I ever thought was possible. I know no matter what in life - she is apart of my support system and I really do love her and I know she loves me. She has my endless thanks and gratitude, and I am so happy she has my back." - Sab

"Aunty Flow is understanding, patient and straight up! From the moment I walked into her space of light and love I felt safe, secure and understood. She was honest about offering her services and if she couldn’t help me, she would find someone who could! I think thats the most important thing about a healer/teacher/shaman is the ability to acknowledge when your gift can’t help that person any further. Worth more than any therapist I’ve been to because we’re not just talking we’re healing, moving and learning. We are getting down to the root of all the sh*t and finally releasing it from our life force. She is not only my guide/teacher she is my friend!" -DL

"I just wanted to let you know, it was so great working with you -  your attention to detail, patience and expertise really shine!  You laid every suggestion out simple and easy to follow. We look forward to working with you more - thanks for being kick butt at what you do! ❤️ - Paula"

"Her knowledge blows me away. She is helpful in so many ways from helping with body issues to meditation. I am so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to meet her and learn so much about myself. She is a woman with many talents." -Rhonda

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