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A B O U T    M E

Aloha! My name is Kasia. I'm Aunty Flow.
I am a Yoni and Womb Healer.
I am a Herbalist, an Iridologist, and Intuitive.
I have been a Healer my whole life.

I began my journey at a young age.
I grew up using herbs as the primary source of healing in our household.
The medicine cabinet was full of jars with
dried flowers, leaves, roots and stems
of items we grew, harvested or foraged.

At age 4, I saw spirits and communicated with the other realms.
At age 7, I received dream messages from people in need.
I connected them to adults who could help.
At age 12, I traveled to ashrams, learning from a guru and
began the healing and balancing of my own chakras.
I gained the tools of meditation and yoga.

Later on in life, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis.
I had laparoscopic surgery to remove a tumour on my right ovary.
I was told as a teenager that my chances of conceiving were slim to none.
I healed this western opinion using Intuition, Herbs, Nutrition,
Meditation and the Moonstral Cycle.
I have started a family and no longer have symptoms of Endometriosis.

Since then, I have been put in situations with people who are in need of connections to their body, their mind and the spirit world.
I have been called to Matriarchal work by healing Women through their Menstruation cycle and Ancestral karmic knots.

I offer healing through Herbalism, Ancestral Healing & Iridology.
If you're interested email me at aunty@auntyflow.ca or DM me on Instagram.

In the warmer months you can find me living in my Yurt,
howling at the Moon, growing herbs and vegetables,

and frolicking the biodynamic orchard and meadows.
I share this sacred space by offering Cacao Ceremonies,
Red Tent Retreats, and Meditation Retreats on this sacred Land.

Check my Upcoming Events for more details.

For more information email aunty@auntyflow.ca or Instagram @auntyflow


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